Our Friends at South Mountain

We visited our friends at South Mountain Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility. Bandit, Sapphire and Skittles packed up and went on a trip. They all sang us songs while traveling to see our friends. Every week it’s so touching to see new faces waiting for the kitties. Skittles missed our last visit, but was able to spend time with her favorite people today. It was amazing to see this shy girl jump in their laps like she had never left. Bandit and Sapphire were new visitors yet stayed calmly in their friends laps while being pet. We love the glow and reactions on faces when the kitty‘s sit in their laps. Some never say a word, but when they start petting our feline friends joy comes over them. They start talking and even singing. Many try their best to get their hands to move so they can feel the soft fur of the kitties. Some of the kitties travel to rooms of patients that can’t get out of bed. Our visits mean so much to the patients and for us who get to visit them. On the way home, the kitties no longer sing our praises. They have done their jobs and are ready to go home and sleep.

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