Half Pint’s Heart

Half Pint’s Heart was created in honor a special, little girl that blessed the rescue for about three weeks. She came into the rescue just shy of four weeks old weighting in at about 14 ounces. Despite her size, Half Pint had a personality that would fill up a room. She was full of sass, spunk, playfulness, and love. She was not afraid of anything even though she was the size of a little nugget. About a week after she entered the rescue, Half Pint had an incident where her body temperature dropped for hours. She was syringe fed and placed in an incubator to try and bring her temperature up. After several hours, it was apparent that she would pull through. Over the next couple of weeks, Half Pint gained about four ounces and more confidence. She was running with the big kitties, napping on the bed and just being her fearless self. One day Half Pint appeared to be fearful, in pain and this time it was different than just a dropping temperature. She was rushed to the vet where they confirmed that she had an underlying medical condition at just six weeks old. We had to make the decision to put this little girl down.

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In honor of her special life that was so short lived with us, we created Half Pint’s Heart Medical Fund. This medical fund will help with kitties that need special medical treatment such as surgery, dental procedures, etc. We will be able to provide for one kitty at a time and they will remain with a designated foster who specializes in kitties with medical conditions. As more funding comes in, we will be able to add another kitty to this special medical fund. Kitties will remain with their foster until they are adopted out. Half Pint had such an impact in the lives of her foster family that we wanted to honor her. She was unable to be saved, but we are hoping that we will be able to save those kitties that need extra help and care. If you would like to donate to Half Pint’s Heart please specify your generous donation goes to this medical fund.

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