Feline Senior Friends Program

Feline senior friends is a program that recognizes the need for seniors in the community to have animal companions. Animals bring us joy, love, laughter and company. Our program is exclusive to those needing companionship without the financial burden or if they lack the ability to provide a home independently. We strive to place kitties in the correct environment with providing a volunteer that will meet the needs of the senior and the kitty living in their home.

Some of our more timid adults and teenagers just need a quieter environment to be able to come out of their shell. Many of the seniors in the community provide this space. In turn, the seniors in the community also get the companionship of the animal. If there is a time when the senior can’t provide a space for their feline companion anymore, that kitty is placed back into a foster home.

Each volunteer will be paired with a senior in close proximity to their homes making them available for that senior and their pet. Whether the volunteer needs to visit the home once a week, every two weeks or every month, we make sure that volunteer provides what the needs are for their senior. If volunteering doesn’t fit into your schedule there are other ways to support this program. You can sponsor a food and litter supply kit each month. You can purchase different starter kits consisting of the items such as basic needs to start off having a pet or having the ability to add enrichment toys and cat towers. Donations made to the program will also be used for ongoing veterinary care for the kitties in the program. If you would like more information about this program, volunteer or have questions please email Amy at info@gratefulheartsrescue.org.

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