P.O. Box 1335, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


P.O. Box 1335, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


The Coast-to-Coast Project is on a mission to rescue felines from overpopulated and dire situations.
Partnering with a rescue in Kuwait, we’re reaching out to save cats from the horrors of the
unregulated Friday Market, where animals face cruel fates of torture, abandonment, and death.

They have lenient cruelty laws, and most of the animals are purchased to be killed, tortured, and abandoned in the desert. These animals suffer horrible deaths. Our program sponsors $100 for each animal to travel. The kind rescue overseas covers much of the travel and vetting expenses for these kitties. Many of these are purebred and have medical conditions from inbreeding and being raised in horrific conditions. The animals travel 17 hours to arrive to safety. From there, they will be picked up from the airport and travel another six hours to Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue. The kitties will be given medical treatment, if necessary, see a vet and decompress before being put up for adoption.
The hope of the Coast-to-Coast Project is to absorb all the expenses of traveling so the rescuers in Kuwait taking care of the kitties can focus on care and the medical expenses. We believe that every life of an animal has a purpose and deserves saving. The projects’ goal is to take fifteen kitties every trip. We currently have seven trips planned throughout the year. The goal is to partner with rescues and adopters from out of state. This will help to alleviate the already overpopulation in our counties.
Our program is operated under Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue and your donation is tax deductible. Our tax id #84-3062878. Every dollar goes towards the Coast-to-Coast Project. You can also set up a monthly donation through PayPal. We believe every animal deserves the blessing of a family and your partnership will make that happen.






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Thank you for your kindness!

Until one has loved an animal, a
part of one’s soul remaines

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