P.O. Box 1335, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


P.O. Box 1335, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


Find your forever feline friend 

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4 Easy Steps

Step 1
Adoption application &

Help us get to know you so we can help make sure it’s a purrfect match!

Step 2
View our adoptable cats & kittens

See all of our adorable adoptable cats and kittens that our fosters have helped, trained and prepared to be adopted.

Step 3
Pay the adoption fee right here

The adoption fee will help more cats and kittens to receive treatments and find their furever home. 

Step 4
Adopt and take your new friend home!

Once you have completed the first three steps, your feline friend is ready for their furever home with you!

Having Questions about Adopting?

Frequently asked questions

1. Is ther an adoption fee? How much is it?

Yes, there is an adoption fee. It helps us save more cats & kittens. The fee is $___.

2. What does Grateful Hearts Pay for when I adopt a cat or kitten?

All cats or kittens that are adopted are fully vetted, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. We make sure they are as healthy as possible before they are adopted.

3. What are the requirements to adopt a cat?

Adopter must be at least 21 years of age and have identification. All members of the household should be present for the adoption. Adopter must be willing to allow a G.H.R. representative to make an adoption follow up, either in person or by telephone. When adopting a pet from G.H.R, a legally binding and enforced contract must be signed. If at any time, you are unable to keep the pet, or unable to provide it with proper care, you must contact G.H.R. first. Adoption fees are nonrefundable. G.H.R. is a, nonprofit, no-kill humane organization. All funds go to help the animals.

4. How do I prepare my home for a cat?

First prepare to love the cat! Secondly, make sure you have water bowls,

5. Where do most of the cats come from?

Some cats are abandoned or given up, others are from shelters and some kittens are from stray feral cats.

6. What if I change my mind about adopting a cat?

Contact us directly. We understand adopting requires an adjustment and can be difficult. We will help you in any way we can.

7. Is it difficult to adopt?

G.H.R. has a procedure for approving adoptions. They are designed to ensure that each cat is placed with a responsible person prepared to make a longterm commitment, & to avoid the kinds of problems that may have caused the animal to be abandoned in the first place. An important part of the process is to match the lifestyle & needs of the adopter with the individual cat. If the screening process occasionally seems overly strict, try to remember that the G.H.R.’s first priority is to protect the animal’s best interests.

Adoptable Cats & Kittens

We’re happy you’re thinking of adopting. Please make sure to fill out your application to get the process started.

My name is Pismo. I am an easygoing, confident, silly, & playful boy. I love to run around with my siblings and play with toys. After playtime, I love to cuddle with my human. I get along with dogs, cats and kids. Adopt Pismo the kitten!

My name is Pebble. I am a busy, sweet, easygoing and energetic girl. I love attention and snuggles from my people. I like to chase my siblings around. I get along with dogs, cats and kids.
Adopt Pebble the cat today!

My name is Mary. I am a sweet, loving and playful girl. I love to sit in your lap and get pets. I am a gentle and quiet girl. I get along with dogs, cats and kids.
Adopt Mary the cat!

My name is Freckles. I am a sweet, beautiful, playful and loving kitty. I am curious about everything and go to inspect it. I like to play with my brother Marley and other kitty friends. I get along with dogs, cats and kids.
Adopt Freckles the cat!

Meet Drax. He is a handsome, confident boy who loves the attention. He loves to get brushed &  pets. He likes to hangout with his kitty friends and gets along with most kitties. Drax would do best in a quieter home with lots of love to give.
Adopt Drax the cat!

My name is Archie. I love to greet my people with chirps. I come running and love to get pets. I have the best purr especially during snuggles. I like to wrestle and run around with my brothers. I am  easygoing and confident. I get along with kitties, kids and would do fine with a dog.
Adopt Archie the kitten!

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