November 5, 2019-Animals impact our lives in many ways and I think sometimes we take that for granted. My kids and I had the privilege today of seeing the impact an animal has on people. We got to visit a Dementia and Alzheimer’s Facility today. We packed up Princess Penelope, Gubby and set off to make some new friends. They were both fitted with stylish halters that kept them safe along with leashes. We were greeted by the smiling faces of the kind nurses who help the patients. As we entered the room, almost all were in wheelchairs. Many of them couldn’t talk but that didn’t matter. As soon as their furry visitors came out, they had smiles on their faces. Many of them got out of bed just to see these kitties. Gubby and Princess Penelope made their rounds by sitting in laps and each one being pet and loved on. There were some tears seen as the residents couldn’t control their joy the visitors brought that day. Princess Penelope enjoyed a nice warm lap as her new friend sang to her while she took a cat nap. These two kittens, along with others in the rescue, will be visiting these warm and loving faces until they find their forever family’s. God created these beautiful creatures for companionship, to help us experience joy, happiness, comfort and love. What an amazing blessing it was today and we can’t wait to go back and see our new friends.

December 2, 2019-Today we took several kitties to visit our friends along with new kittens. Gubby, Princess Penelope, Skittles, Penne and Ravioli put halters on and was ready to show some love to their friends. Gubby, Penelope and Skittles are regular visitors every two weeks to the facility. The patients love them and look forward to the kitties sitting in their laps for a length of time. Many patients say their names, like petting them and even sing to them. Some patients weren’t able to make it to the activities room today so we brought some of the kitties to them. They were so excited to see their furry friends. We’ve noticed that the kitties are settling into their roles as they were better travelers in their carriers this week. They also weren’t as nervous being there and loved to hug and purr for their friends. The relationships between the patients and the kitties seem to grow with each visit and it is magical to see their interaction. We look forward to our next visit.

Today we were able to visit our friends at South Mountain with a new set of kittens. Our last visit on December 21st was with seasoned kitties that had been with our patients since the beginning of this program. Our friends were happy and sad to hear that Gubby, Princess Penelope and Skittles have been adopted. They were excited to see new faces and we also had new patients visiting the room. Ruby, Shelly and BraveStone made themselves right at home with their new friends. They chatted with them and told them about their day, the kitties that is. Some patients couldn’t get out of bed so Ruby was able to visit them in their rooms. Some of the patients got out of bed just to see the kitties and you could see that in their smiles. We don’t know how long each patient will be there but it’s nice to know that these kitties are helping to make someone’s day. We would like to dedicate this post to Miss Gloria as her last day was spent with our kitties. She had made a special effort that day to visit our feline friends and that day meant the world to her and the impact we see these kitties have on the patients. Thank you to the caring staff that allows us to go in and have this special time with the kitties and your patients. They have started an organization called Pay It Forward where it benefits the patients at this facility. Thank you for doing what you do!

Friday, February 7, 2020 we visited our friends at South Mountain Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility. Bandit, Sapphire and Skittles packed up and went on a trip. They all sang us songs while traveling to see our friends. Every week it’s so touching to see new faces waiting for the kitties. Skittles missed our last visit, but was able to spend time with her favorite people today. It was amazing to see this shy girl jump in their laps like she had never left. Bandit and Sapphire were new visitors yet stayed calmly in their friends laps while being pet. We love the glow and reactions on faces when the kitty‘s sit in their laps. Some never say a word, but when they start petting our feline friends joy comes over them. They start talking and even singing. Many try their best to get their hands to move so they can feel the soft fur of the kitties. Some of the kitties travel to rooms of patients that can’t get out of bed. Our visits mean so much to the patients and for us who get to visit them. On the way home, the kitties no longer sing our praises. They have done their jobs and are ready to go home and sleep.