Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened-Anatole France.

Animals Are Our Mission

Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) who’s goal is to reduce the amount of unaltered felines in our community using Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR). This method of sterilization has proven to be highly successful in stopping the producing of more kittens and maintaining healthy felines.   Whether the cats and kittens are friendly, vetted and placed up for adoption or need to be returned to their home, we do what’s in the best interest of the animal.

Our History

Many of our volunteers have been helping in the cat community for years. They often spend many hours trapping, transporting, caring for their feline friend and many times have the long term commitment of feeding those on the streets. They often use their resources financially to cover the spay and neuter of community cats.  The need is increasingly great with the devastating number of felines left behind by their owners, the Return-To-Field or RTF program implemented in most shelters and the staggering number of kittens in our community. We are here to support those volunteers committed to helping animals on the streets.


Grateful Hearts is made possible by our dedicated and selfless volunteers. Our volunteers give tirelessly with the only payment knowing that they made a difference. Please email  info@gratefulheartsrescue.org

2019/2020 Intake/Adoption Numbers

September-December 2019

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-12/24
  • TNR-10
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-2/14

January 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-0/8
  • TNR-2
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-3/7

February 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-0/6
  • TNR-20
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-0/4

March 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-5/24
  • TNR-12
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-3/14

April 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-3/38
  • TNR-13
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-6/8

May 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-0/36
  • TNR-22
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-7/21

June 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-4/30
  • TNR-4
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-2/22

July 2020

  • Adult/Kitten Intake-5/26
  • TNR-2
  • Adult/Kitten Adoptions-4/32
Shelter Animals Count | The National Database