Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

– Anatole France

Athletes for Animals’ 2020 Grant Recipient

Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue recently received a Grant from Athletes for Animals, a united team of professional athletes that raise awareness and share a passion for rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets nationwide.

To say we are grateful would be an understatement. This grant has allowed us to provide food and medical care for all of our kittens and cats in the rescue. We cannot Thank You enough for this amazing opportunity and we are blessed that you do what you do for these animals.

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Animals are our mission

Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) who’s goal is to reduce the amount of unaltered felines in our community using Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR). This method of sterilization has proven to be highly successful in stopping the producing of more kittens and maintaining healthy felines. Whether the cats and kittens are friendly, vetted and placed up for adoption or need to be returned to their home, we do what’s in the best interest of the animal.

As of November 2020, Grateful Hearts Animal Rescue and Petco Foundation have partnered to allow adoption events and meet-&-greets at Petco locations.

Our history

Many of our volunteers have been helping in the cat community for years. They often spend many hours trapping, transporting, caring for their feline friend and many times have the long term commitment of feeding those on the streets. They often use their resources financially to cover the spay and neuter of community cats. The need is increasingly great with the devastating number of felines left behind by their owners, the Return-To-Field or RTF program implemented in most shelters and the staggering number of kittens in our community. We are here to support those volunteers committed to helping animals on the streets.

Feline Outreach Program

When we have animals and love them unconditionally we know the impact they have in our lives. The impact is not only on us it also impacts our animals. The felines at Grateful Hearts Rescue get a chance to share their love with others. Many of the felines in our rescue come from off the streets needing the extra love while also becoming familiar with human touch. This program provides that. We partner twice a month with a Dementia and Alzheimer’s facility where we bring our fosters to meet patients. Many of these patients do not get out of bed on a daily basis. Most of them are in wheelchairs and many have trouble speaking. Even with some of our felines struggling with socialization, they still know why they are there.

Our outreach program gives patients a reason to get out of bed. Many of them come with smiles on their faces and wanting to pet their feline friend. Some patients are even brought to tears with the comfort and love these animals provide. Some of our felines are apprehensive at first, yet quickly settle into their role of companionship.
All of our felines involved in the program are fully vetted for the safety of the patients and felines. They all have their own harness and leash to ensure their safety. As our program grows, we would like to add more felines to our visits. We are always looking for volunteers to help when we do visits. If you would like more information on how to get involved or have our felines visit your facility please email info@gratefulheartsrescue.org.


We’ve teamed with Finding Rover to help fur families and friends find their lost pets hassle free. With Rover’s Lost Animal Tool, you will be able to instantly upload a photo of a lost animal and see if it has been taken in by your shelter.

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